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April 30, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - One State's Quest For Digital Sovereignty

 The news is that the German State is moving 30,000 PCs to LibreOffice. Why is this of significance?

That's not the first attempt of the German State to break free of vendors by adopting open source software. We've recently witnessed another attempt in "Is The German State In Love With OSS?" in which the State adopted openDesk, the open source alternative to Microsoft's and Google's office applications.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 30, 2024 04:37 PM

Nikos Vaggalis - Microsoft's Cybersecurity For Beginners

 A free, self-paced course about Cybersecurity 101 is on offer by Microsoft's Cloud Security Advocates. It's a 30+ lesson curriculum targeted at complete novices.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 30, 2024 03:53 PM

Nikos Vaggalis - Dev Tunnels - An Alternative to Ngrok For .NET Users

 Dev Tunnels is a new Visual Studio option that exposes your localhost to the internet the easiest way possible. But first of all, why would you allow access from the public net to your local machine?

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 30, 2024 02:26 PM

April 25, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - Two New Resources Tailored To Spring Developers

 Spring Academy Pro is now freely available and Spring Builders is a new meeting point to discuss everything Spring related.

Last year in "Learn With The Spring Academy" we've laid out some reasons for you to join it:

Surely, there are many courses, blogs and tutorials on Spring develepment, but who knows better than the makers themselves, that is VMWare.

Spring Academy, created by the stewards of the Spring framework, aims to introduce students to the ins and outs of the framework and provide the things that matter to further their careers like preparing for the official Spring Certified Professional exam. The instructors of the Academy work for VMware Tanzu Labs and that includes renowned Dev advocate Josh Long.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 25, 2024 03:33 PM

April 23, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - Liberica Alpaquita Containers Now Come With CRaC

 Bellsoft has added CRaC support to its ready-to-use Alpaquita container images. This will enable developers to seamlessly integrate CRaC into their projects for performant Java in the Cloud.

Is CRaC the magic recipe to Java's warm up problems?

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 23, 2024 04:31 PM

April 22, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - Query Your Oracle Autonomous Database With Natural Language

 Select AI is a new feature of the Oracle Autonomous Database that transforms your mother language to SQL. This is a big boon for non-developers in extracting value out of their data silos.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 22, 2024 07:07 PM

April 20, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - NVIDIA Releases Free Courses On AI

 NVIDIA has jumped on the AI bandwagon in a big way. Hardware aside, this means working on training material too. Several self- paced courses have been released and for free too!.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 20, 2024 01:54 PM

April 18, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - ZLUDA Ports CUDA Applications To AMD GPUs

 ZLUDA is a translation layer that lets you run unmodified CUDA applications with near-native performance on AMD GPUs. But it is walking a fine line with regards to legality.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 18, 2024 07:04 PM

April 16, 2024

Nikos Vaggalis - Explore SyncFusion's Blazor Playground

 Syncfusion has provided an in-browser environment where you can write, compile and run code that uses Blazor components and get it previewed live.

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at April 16, 2024 04:27 PM

April 14, 2024