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November 28, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - Google Partners Adoptium - What's The Deal?

Another giant shows its support towards Java. The news is thatGoogle has joined the Adoptium Working Group and is making Temurin available across Google Cloud Platform (GCP) products and services. So what's the deal?

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 28, 2022 04:06 PM

November 25, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - A Compiler Writing Playground

"Create Your Own Compiler" is an interactive tutorial that step by step shows how to write your own simple compiler that transforms JavaScript into Lisp. Along with it, we take a look at what a compiler actually is and the state of the art that is Roslyn.Compilers are important, but most people go day by day using their favorite programming language and tools withoutthinking too much about them,

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 25, 2022 07:44 PM

November 24, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - Visual Studio Code Now Supports Virtual Threads

The recently released Java 19 comes with the JEP 425 preview of Virtual Threads as part of Project Loom. VSCode was quick to adapt it.Virtual threads are heralded as the big game changer for Java - even as a replacement for Reactive programming. You get all the goods but not the complexity, with little change to the current API.In September's VSCode release, initial support for virtual threads

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 24, 2022 06:16 PM

November 21, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - CSharpRepl Brings REPL Superpowers To C#

REPL, once an inherent property of the interpreted languages, has now found its way into compiled languages too. Tools like CSharpRepl for C# and Jshell for Java make it happen.A REPL is an interactive programming environment that takes single user inputs, executes them, and returns the result to the user; input (Read), execute the input (Evaluate), return the result to the user (Print), wait

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 21, 2022 01:22 PM

November 20, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - It Was About Time To Find A Shared Vision Of The Perl Foundation

The news is that "Yet Another Society" (aka YAS) of which The Perl Foundation is a registered "doing-business-as" is registering a new "doing-business-as" called "The Perl and Raku Foundation" (aka TPRF). This has caused some confusion. But what's the deal behind it?The initial and official post had been written as "The Perl Foundation has been renamed to The Perl and Raku Foundation".

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 20, 2022 07:06 PM

November 15, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - Python and .NET-An Ongoing Saga

Microsoft's .NET Framework arrived with two languages, C# and Visual Basic. Then came the Iron Languages, .NET compatible implementations of Ruby and Python which Microsoft "let go of" in 2010. Nowadays Microsoft is again embracing Python. Here's an account of Python's still evolving relationship with .NET This trip down memory lane was triggered by the recent news of the release of a new

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 15, 2022 05:55 PM

November 10, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - GraalVM's alignment With OpenJDK Signifies A New Era For Java-"in the battle for the Cloud"

Oracle will be contributing GraalVM Community Edition Java Code to OpenJDK. There's a lot behind this simple statement. But before that, let's first look at what GraalVM actually does.The recent flurry of interest in GraalVM started with a tweet that sparked excitement inside the Java community.Oracle is contributing GraalVM Community Edition Java code to OpenJDK to more closely align the

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at November 10, 2022 04:01 PM

October 31, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - Azure CosmosDB for PostgreSQL Reaches General Availability

Microsoft's mutli-model distributed database for supporting workloads at scale. Now it has extended beyond NoSQL by adding support for PostgreSQL.  Azure thus becomes the first cloud provider to offer its own single database service that supports both relational and NoSQL workloads. So how do you use it with Postgres?full article on i-programmer:

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at October 31, 2022 07:47 PM

Nikos Vaggalis - Learn Machine Learning Algorithms From Scratch With Python

Learn to implement 10 Machine Learning algorithms from scratch with just Python and NumPy. A library hides the implementation details and if you're really looking to understand what goes behind the covers and understand how things work, this course has you covered.This is a course by AssemblyAI where you don't rely on libraries like Pytorch or Tensorflow to implement the Machine learning

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at October 31, 2022 07:07 PM

October 28, 2022

Nikos Vaggalis - Take The ETH Zürich Big Data Course For Free

A great course on everything Big Data taught at ETH Zürich University by Professor Ghislain Fourny. The recorded lectures of fall 2021 are up on Youtube for everyone to enjoy.The notion behind Big Data that this course adopts is that :Information society has to turn data into information, information into knowledge, knowledge into value. This has become increasingly complex. Data comes in larger

by Nikos Vaggalis ( at October 28, 2022 08:06 PM